What is the meaning of the pregnancy bola?

What is the meaning of the pregnancy bola?

The pendants named “pregnancy bola”Worn as a necklace have been used in various cultures for centuries by pregnant women. This is why these pendants are often referred to as pregnancy bola. Pregnant women in Bali and Mexico are known to have traditionally worn these harmony balls when pregnant.

A pregnancy bola, also called carillon or lucky necklace in some cultures, is usually made in Sterling silver and contains a small object resembling a bell which emits a sweet melody very subtle but audible with movement, much like the sound of the wind charms in a very gentle breeze.

How is a pregnancy bola?

The pregnancy bola is usually worn on very long chains or necklace cords, hence the common name of harmony necklace, so that the ball itself rests on the pregnant woman's swollen belly. It is said that from the 16th or 20th week of pregnancy, the unborn baby will hear the sweet sound of carillon bola. This gentle chime is believed to soothe the unborn baby and may even have calming effects for the expectant mother.

Pregnancy bola necklaces are sometimes called by different names in different cultures or societies, names like “carillon ball”, “carillon pendant”, “druid balls”, “mexican bolas"," Bali harmony balls "and other similar names. Even though the word “ball” is commonly associated with a harmony ball pendant, these pendants can have many other shapes, some typically in the shape of a heart, starfish, or other symbol. animal, but they are still called pregnancy pendants.

The different sizes of bola

Sizes may vary, with some harmony balls being tiny pendants, no larger than about 8-10mm in diameter (one wonders how the tiny bell fits into such a small harmony ball) and can be as large as you want, but the typical size of a pregnancy bola in Sterling silver is approximately 18-27mm in diameter. Bolas don't necessarily have to be made from sterling silver, but they are by far the most common choice, as they have a number of distinct advantages over other metals.

The pregnancy bolas sterling silver are available in different styles, including a “solid” sterling silver ball (with the little bell inside) which can have a smooth polished finish or a molded case with ornate designs. Some models of harmony balls feature a sterling silver “cage”, usually adorned with an open wire, which results in a smaller, sturdy pregnancy bola inside, which in many cases can be colored. This latter style of sterling silver bolag comes in many different styles created by regional artisans that reflect the jewelry making styles and traditions of this region.

When to wear a pregnancy bola?

A pregnancy bola is often worn for some time after the baby is born. The mother often shortens the necklace so that the bola pendant is located between her throat and breasts so that the child can play with him while breastfeeding or that the soothing sound of the pregnancy bola emanates when the mother gently cradles her baby to sleep. In some cases, the pregnancy pendant is passed down from mother to daughter and becomes a precious family heirloom.

In this modern world, the bola has become a jewel very popular fashion. Harmony balls are found in abundance in online jewelry stores and in some regular jewelry stores. The variety available allows a choice of style for the discerning woman. Sterling silver pendants combined with a sterling silver chain form a beautiful necklace. Bolas that feature a colorful ball in an open cage style in sterling silver are becoming very popular as the color choices allow them to match an outfit - reds, blues, gold or silver, black, white and even the chocolate colors look great on the sterling silver cage.

Pregnancy bolas are no longer the sole domain of the pregnant woman - so many women in today's fast-paced world enjoy the calming effect of the subtle, soothing sounds of their pregnancy bolas. They are now considered a highly regarded fashion jewel - the pendants can be worn with jeans or a wedding dress and everything in between. Finding sterling silver bolas is now much easier than in the past, no need to travel to Mexico or Bali or Celtic regions - many different styles of pendants pregnancy bola complete can be found at many online jewelry stores.

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